Resources for Clergy and Parishes

A GUIDE TO CONGREGATIONAL SINGING: A resource book to assist priests and choir directors in instituting congregational singing in their parishes. The Guide includes suggestions for getting started, planning materials, and additional resources. Cost is $5 per copy plus shipping and handling.

LITURGICAL GUIDEBOOK: The annual Guidebook identifies the Sunday hymn changes for the ecclesiastical year. Also includes a bibliography of liturgical music, recordings, and other music resources. Guidebook: $35. Order online from orthodoxmarketplace.

COMPANION TO THE LITURGICAL GUIDEBOOK: The Companion, an updated handbook for church musicians, contains the order of special services, verses for the antiphons, guidelines for hierarchical visits, and other informative material. $20. Add shipping and handling.

MUSICA: Liturgical music periodical for directors, singers, psaltai, organists, and clergy. New issues distributed free to parishes. Topics: music and services of the Orthodox Church, hymnology, rehearsal techniques, liturgical resources, use of organ, role of choir directors, Byzantine chant, etc. 16-issue set: $16.00; multiple copies of any issue: $1.00 each plus shipping & handling. Bulk orders negotiable.

COMMEMORATIVES - ST. ROMANOS ICONS, BOOKMARKS, and HYMNOGRAPJER PINS: Full-color icons and bookmarks of St. Romanos, patron saint of church musicians.  3”x5” icon mounted in a clear acrylic icon stand, with history of St. Romanos on the back: $5.00 each. Also, full color St. Romanos icons on glossy card stock: 3½”x5" ($1) or medium 8½"x6¾" ($2). Laminated Romanos bookmarks are $3.50 each. Hymnogrpaher pins are $3.00 each - chioce of Sts. Romanos, Thekla, Kassiane, and/or St. John Damascene. Add shipping and handling.

AWARD CERTIFICATES: Custom-designed Archbishop Iakovos Distinguished Service certificates for awards to directors, choir members, & psaltai. Also, the Ernest A. Villas Youth Music Award of Excellence certificates for junior choir and hymnology class members. Certificates are $5 each; 10-15 =$4 each; 16+ =$3 each. Specify names with order for personalization.  Add shipping and handling.

SHARING IN SONG: A SONGBOOK FOR ORTHODOX GATHERINGS: Music for use with youth camps, youth groups, Church Schools, adult retreats, and senior citizen events. Contains over 100 pieces, including sacred hymns and folk songs in Greek and sacred and secular music in English. Guitar and piano chords provided. Reduced price: $5 each plus shipping and handling.

NATIONAL FORUM POSITION PAPERS: Statements of official positions of the National Forum on church music‑related issues: Use of Copyrighted Materials, Use of English, Use of the Organ, Congregational Singing, National Church Music Sunday, Use of Composite Liturgies, Titling Hymns in English, Role of Choir Directors, and Role of Choir Members. Single copies available at no charge.

CHURCH MUSIC LISTSERV: Through the CHURCH MUSIC list, you’ll receive messages about Greek Orthodox church music and news from the Archdiocese that we think may be of interest to church musicians. This is a broadcast-only list and messages are limited to 1-2 per week. To date, there are more than 1300 members on the list. To be placed on the list, send your name, e-mail, church, city, and any other contact information you wish to include to

SHIPPING & HANDLING: On orders less than $30, add $5.00. Add 20% on orders over $30.
To order and for further information about National Forum materials, contact:
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