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HYMNS OF THE ORTHODOX CHURCH: The original instructional series of the hymns of the Divine Liturgy has been revised to reflect the new English translation approved by the Holy Eparchial Synod. This new edition features a recording of the hymns sung by a children’s choir, useful for teaching or listening. The recording is available as a three-CD set or one USB flash drive – please specify when ordering. The packet includes one instructional pamphlet for each of 11 hymns plus an introductory pamphlet describing the series, as well as the track numbers on the recording. The cost of the entire series, including recording, is $25 plus shipping and handling. It is recommended that the complete series be ordered for each grade level of religious education classes. Additional pamphlets, without the recording, are also available at a cost of $0.50 per pamphlet, which totals $5.50 per set of 11 hymns. This option is especially useful in order to provide a copy of the music to each student.

Choral Settings Using the New Standard English Translation
As Officially Approved by the GOA Holy Eparchial Synod

KEVIN LAWRENCE: A four-part setting of the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom that serves as a companion to the new Greek Orthodox Hymnal being distributed by the Department of Religious Education. This is the only work that uses the same melodies as the Hymnal, in Greek and English, so it is suitable for parishes that wish to have their choirs and congregations use the same melodies. The work also includes two settings of the Doxology, all festal substitutions for the second Antiphon (Soson Imas), the eight Resurrectional Apolytikia, four settings of the Trisaghion as well as its festal substitutions, six settings of the Cherubic Hymn, three settings of the Anaphora, psalms for use during Communion, Memorial Service hymns, and the Hierarchical service. Available spiral-bound for $28 or three-hole punched binder-ready for $25, plus shipping and handling. Please specify when ordering.

NICHOLAS ROUBANIS: Selections from the 5th edition of Roubanis’ arrangement of the Divine Liturgy, including all the basic hymns for both regular and hierarchical Divine Liturgies, have been re-typeset and adapted for the new official English translation. The book includes both the original Roubanis Greek melodies and his melodies adapted, as needed, to fit the English words. The cost is $15 per book plus shipping and handling. It is three-hole punched binder-ready.


CHRIST IS RISEN HYMN CARDS: Beautiful hymn cards with the English translation as approved by the Holy Eparchial synod. The card includes the Greek and English text set to Western notation. Packs of 25 cards are only $10.00 plus shipping and handling.

NOTATION, TRANSCRIPTION, AND RENDITION OF POST-BYZANTINE CHANT: A new training guide by Dr. Frank Desby, edited by Dr. George Stefanidakis. Contains information and recorded examples of Byzantine notation, tonality, modal characteristics, and rendition. Available as CD only ($35) and binder-ready sheets plus CD ($75). Add shipping and handling.

LITURGICAL GUIDEBOOK: The Guidebook identifies Sunday hymn changes for the ecclesiastical year. The Liturgical Guidebook can be ordered from the Orthodox Marketplace via their website at, by calling them at 1-800-566-1088, or by sending an email to

COMPANION: The Companion contains the order of special services, antiphon verses, guidelines for hierarchical visits, and other useful resources. Cost is $20 plus shipping. STARTING A YOUTH MUSIC PROGRAM IN YOUR PARISH: A handbook filled with suggestions for teaching young people the music of their faith. Provides practical suggestions for starting and maintaining youth music programs and junior choirs, roles of adults, and other helpful resources. Cost is $15 per copy plus shipping and handling.

MUSICA: Liturgical music periodical for directors, singers, psaltai, organists, and clergy. New issues distributed free to parishes. Topics: music and services of the Orthodox Church, hymnology, rehearsal techniques, liturgical resources, use of organ, role of choir directors, choir member roles, Byzantine chant, copyright issues, women hymnographers, youth music, etc. 18-issue set: $18.00; multiple copies of issue: $1.00 each. Add shipping and handling. Bulk orders negotiable.

HANDBOOK FOR PLANNING A HOLY FRIDAY RETREAT: A how-to guide for conducting a retreat for young people on Holy Friday, emphasizing the integration of Orthodox theology, hymnology, iconography, and symbolism. Includes everything needed to host a successful retreat: schedule, activities, lessons, promotional materials, and teaching outlines. Cost is $15 per copy plus shipping and handling.

VERSES TO THE ANTIPHONS: Contains the verses for the three antiphons for Ordinary Sundays and Feast Days, Special Sundays of the Fixed Season, Special Sundays of the Triodhion and Pentecostarion, and Ordinary Weekdays. Cost is $15 plus shipping and handling. They can also be downloaded here:

COMMEMORATIVES: Full-color 3½”x4¾” icons of St. Romanos, patron saint of church music, on glossy card stock, mounted in a clear acrylic icon stand, with history of St. Romanos on the back: $5.00 each. Icons are also available unframed for $1 each or medium-sized, 8½"x6¾", for $2 each. Laminated St. Romanos bookmarks: $3.50 each. Hymnographer pins, choice of St. Romanos or St. Kassiane: $3.00 each. Acrylic keychains depicting icon of the Choir of Angels: $4.50 each. Gold treble clef pin with superimposed red cross: $3.50 each. Add shipping and handling.

A MEMORIAL TRIBUTE: THE DIVINE LITURGY OF ST. JOHN CHRYSOSTOM: A re-mastering of the historic 1978 Clergy-Laity Congress Liturgy in memory of †Archbishop Iakovos, Celebrant. This 2-CD recording features the music of Bogdanos, Desby, Gallos, Pappas, and Zes, sung by a 160-voice choir directed by George Raptis. Cost is $20 plus shipping and handling.

AWARD CERTIFICATES: Custom-designed Archbishop Iakovos Distinguished Service certificates for awards to directors, choir members, and psaltai; also, Ernest A. Villas Youth Music Award of Excellence. Certificates are $5 each; 10-15 = $4 each; 16+ = $3 each. Specify names with order for personalization. Add shipping and handling. SENIOR VOICES: A handbook of helpful hints for use in working with adult church singers. The handbook contains brief highlights about the aging process, strategies for adult learners, and suggestions for successful vocal production. Cost is $15 plus shipping and handling.

GUIDE TO THE TRANSCRIPTION OF POST-BYZANTINE CHANT: A publication that sets out recommended guidelines and procedures to be used when transcribing hymns from Byzantine neumes to Western notation. Cost is $25 plus shipping and handling.

A GUIDE TO CONGREGATIONAL SINGING: A resource book to assist priests and choir directors in instituting congregational singing in their parishes. The Guide includes suggestions for getting started, planning materials, and additional resources. Cost is $8 per copy plus shipping and handling.

REPERTOIRE FOR THE GREEK ORTHODOX CHURCH ORGANIST: Arrangements by Georgia Tangires considered appropriate for use during Orthodox services. Also includes guidelines and suggestions for organists. Cost is $10 per copy plus shipping and handling.

NATIONAL FORUM POSITION PAPERS: Statements of official positions of the National Forum on church music related issues: Use of Copyrighted Materials, Use of English, Use of the Organ, Congregational Singing, National Church Music Sunday, Use of Composite Liturgies, Titling Hymns in English, Role of Choir Directors, Role of Choir Members. Single copies available at $1 per paper; no charge for email. Also available on the National Forum website.

NATIONAL SURVEYS OF CHURCH MUSICIANS: As conducted by the National Forum. National and metropolis reports: church music salaries, use of English, liturgical music, youth involvement, music priorities, the use of chant, common practices. Each report is $1.00 plus shipping and handling; no charge for email.

TRANSCRIPTS OF SELECTED PRESENTATIONS – available via email, the National Forum website, or print versions at $1.00 per copy plus shipping and handling; no charge for email:

  • Progress of Choirs in the United States: A Focus on Issues: Dr. Vicki Pappas’s opening address at the 1985 Symposium on the Future of Church Music.
  • The Development of Choral Music in the Greek Orthodox Church in America: Dr. Frank Desby’s address at the 1985 Symposium on the Future of Church Music.
  • Growth of Liturgical Music in the Iakovian Era: Dr. Frank Desby, in the History of the Greek Orthodox Church in America. Traces the growth of US liturgical music during the tenure of Archbishop Iakovos.
  • Proceedings of the Mini Symposium on the Use of the Organ: 1987 presentations in San Francisco by the Rev. Anthony Kosturos, Tikey Zes, Anna and James Counelis, and John Cramer.
  • The State of the Archdiocese in the Use of English with Greek Orthodox Church Music: Dr. Vicki Pappas’s opening remarks at the 2003 Tri-Level Theological Institute.
  • CHURCH MUSIC: Not Just in the Choir Loft - But a Ministry for the Parish Family: Opening Remarks by Dr. Vicki Pappas at the 2005 Summer Institute on Theological Education.
  • The Status of Youth Music Programs in Our Archdiocese: Where We are and Where We Need to Be: Opening Remarks by Dr. Vicki Pappas at the 2009 Summer Institute on Youth Music.
  • Annual Reports: National Chairman reports of the past year's activities and future directions.

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