MUSICA is a periodical published by the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians. Each issue is devoted to a particular topic of interest to church musicians, including choir directors and members, chanters, clergy, and youth music educators. The following is a list of available issues.

Title Author Date
The Use of the Organ in the Greek Orthodox Church Georgia Tangires 6/87
The Services and Music of the Greek Orthodox Church Dr. James Maniatis 3/88
What Our Hymns Can Teach Us Dr. Vicki Pappas 10/90
Rehearsals - Some Considerations Dennis Spyros 6/93
Vocal Abuse in Clergy, Chanters and Church Musicians Dr. Nicolas Maragos 3/94
Liturgical Resources Rev. Dr. Stanley Harakas 7/95
National Forum 20th Anniversary Issue: Overview of Progress George Raptis/Vicki Pappas 7/96
Recommendations of the Liturgical Music Committee 1996 Clergy-Laity Congress 6/97
The Role of the Choir Director Dr. Tikey Zes 7/98
The Sounds of Orthodoxy: U.S. Visit of Patriarch Bartholomew Dr. Vicki Pappas 1/99
Who is this Person Called a Choir Director? Constantine Limberakis 5/01
Questions and Answers about Byzantine Chant Nancy Takis 10/03
A Primer on the Byzantine Music System Stanley Takis 3/05
The Structure of the Divine Liturgy Maheras/Pappas & Team 7/06
Roles and Responsibilities of Choir Members Keritsis/Pappas 7/07
Understanding Copyright Issues Dr. Vladimir Morosan 8/08
Women Hymnographers of Byzantium Dr. Diane Touliatos 12/09
Involving Youth in the Music of the Church Joanne Kambouris 7/12
Sacred Music of the Church - Chant and Harmony? Ted Bogdanos 8/18
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