Music Showcase

Welcome to the National Forum Digital Music Library!  The following scores are samples of music by composers and arrangers from across the country.  These PDFs have been posted here with the consent of the composer/arranger with permission to reproduce for ecclesiastical purposes.

The scores posted on this webpage do not represent an endorsement by the National Forum for use by your choir.  The purpose of this library is to showcase the various styles of our composers and share their work for your review.  Please consult your local priest prior to performance of any of these works to ensure appropriateness of use in your parish and within a liturgical setting.

ALL RIGHTS RESERVED by the respective composers/arrangers.  Any arranging or adapting of these works without the publisher’s express consent is an infringement of the copyright.

Resurrectional Apolytikion - Second Mode - Nicholas Bodle

Triumphal Hymn (Karamanis) - Nicholas Bodle

Holy Holy Holy - Seraphim Dedes

Trisagion (Bilingual) - Seraphim Dedes

Cherubic Hymn (SAB) - Tikey Zes