MUSICA is a periodical published by the National Forum of Greek Orthodox Church Musicians. Each issue is devoted to a particular topic of interest to church musicians, including choir directors and members, chanters, clergy, and youth music educators. The following is a list of available issues.

Title Author
The Use of the Organ in the Greek Orthodox Church Georgia Tangires
The Services and Music of the Greek Orthodox Church Dr. James Maniatis
What Our Hymns Can Teach Us Dr. Vicki Pappas
Rehearsals - Some Considerations Dennis Spyros
Vocal Abuse in Clergy, Chanters and Church Musicians Dr. Nicolas Maragos
Liturgical Resources Rev. Dr. Stanley Harakas
National Forum 20th Anniversary Issue: Overview of Progress George Raptis/Vicki Pappas
Recommendations of the Liturgical Music Committee 1996 Clergy-Laity Congress
The Role of the Choir Director Dr. Tikey Zes
The Sounds of Orthodoxy: U.S. Visit of Patriarch Bartholomew Dr. Vicki Pappas
Who is this Person Called a Choir Director? Constantine Limberakis
Questions and Answers about Byzantine Chant Nancy Takis
A Primer on the Byzantine Music System Stanley Takis
The Structure of the Divine Liturgy Maheras/Pappas & Team
Roles and Responsibilities of Choir Members Keritsis/Pappas
Understanding Copyright Issues Dr. Vladimir Morosan
Women Hymnographers of Byzantium Dr. Diane Touliatos
Involving Youth in the Music of the Church Joanne Kambouris
Future MUSICA Issues  
The Communion Hymns
Rev. Irenaeus Cox
Music Protocol for Weddings Dennis Spyros and others
Sight Singing Techniques Spyro Kalas
The History of Chant Harmonization Dr. Alexander Lingas

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